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Imprese Falcon srl, part of E.S.P. Holding, is a pioneer of the tourism in Milan, works in the Italy tourism market since 2009, started its activity with MilanoCard the first tourist card of the city, today manages many other business such as the MilanTourismPoint – the largest tourist offices network of Milan – TraMilano, the hopon hop off tour of Milan, CIAO! the multi channel tourist information platform . Since August 2015, with the affiliated Company Tourist Point srl, our Group manages some of the most important monuments of Milan like Highline Galleria the amazing panoramic terraces located on the roof of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan and Crypt of Leonardo the most ancient underground Church of Milan.

For Expo2015, the Company was official reseller for entrance tickets selling more than 100.000 tickets.

In a city where tourism was not considered the main business market, our Company was the first private company to realized, in cooperation with Autostradale, the largest network of tourist offices – MilanTourismPoint – located in the city center and also at the airports providing the city a useful tourist information network.

In 2015 MilanoCard was declared by the “Corriere della Sera”, the main italian journal, an “heritage of the city”.

Young and dinamyc company, the average age of employees is 28 years, Imprese Falcon srl is becaming one of the most important players in the Milan tourism market. It is associated to the local Industrial Association (Assolombarda) where is member of the tourism board and is official partner of the most important players in the sector of tourism, gastronomy and transport.

Imprese Falcon received for MilanoCard the official support of the City of Milan, Region Lombardy and Province of Milan.




imprese falcon srlAmaMilano is the Corporate Social Responsability Program of Imprese Falcon srl, for a sustainable tourism, for the progress of culture and for the new young entrepreneurs. Discover our social commitment cliking here.

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Our Head Quarter is located in the heart of the most frenetical area of Milan, the Central Station Area.

Imprese Falcon srl

Via Galvani 24 @Palacom

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