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Nous pourrions vous dire beaucoup de choses, des idées, des opinions sur MilanoCard. Nous pouvons essayer de vous convaincre que MilanoCard est la meilleure solution pour votre visite à Milan et que le Pass de Milan vaut mieux acheter, mais nous pensons quil’y a rien de mieux que les opinions de nos clients, mais parfois les commentaires écrits ne sont pas fiables car vous ne savez pas qui vraiment les écrit et alors … nous avons fait des photos et des vidéos à nos clients et maintenant vous pouvez voir si le MilanoCard est la bonne solution pour vous! Dans le même temps, nous avons réalisé quelques vidéos aussi aux Ambassadeurs, des personnes les plus importantes de Milan et les principaux partenaires de MilanoCard qui vous expliqueront dans une petit vidéo, pourquoi vaut la peine d’acheter MilanoCard. Nous espérons que vous serez notre prochain témoignage!

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Top des personnalités de la culture, du tourisme, du commerce et de la politique, mais aussi quelques-uns des meilleurs partenaires de MilanoCard sont nos ambassadeurs officiels. Voir le bref spot vidéo dans laquelle l’ambassadeur vous explique pourquoi Milan mérite une visite et pourquoi MilanoCard est la  meilleure façon de le faire. Cliquez ici pour voir le video  

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All was perfect

Oct 12, 2014 by Gabriel

Absolutely brilliant !! My MilanoCard were already ready for pick up and then it could go by bus to the great city! At any time gladly again !! Super!

Pass worked very wel

Sep 25, 2014 by Katy

The pass itself worked very well. We had difficulty in converting your voucher to the pass at Milan Central because a) a violent storm brought down tram cables, giving us a 90 minute walk through a downpour – WPCE

Our best investment

Sep 25, 2014 by Paulette

Milano Card was our best investment when visiting Milan. Loved the ease of getting around with the pass. – Paulette B


Jul 03, 2014 by Sharon

Wonderful! everything woked perfectly without complications.

Review from Viator – June 2014

“Very convenient having Milanocard!”

Jun 23, 2014 by Margo

It was handy having Milanocard. Be careful though – the information contained in the savings booklet was not completely up to date so the discounts werent always quite as expected and the opening hours for some of the sights were wrong – for example the Museum of Science and technology IS open on a Saturday and well worth a visit especially if you are a transport fan!

review from getyourguide

We will do not miss to buy again your service

Jun 16, 2014 by Pierre-Baptiste L.

Dear Sir,

Many thanks for your kind and swift reply. We really appreciate your gesture and thank you for it. We will do not miss to buy again your service if when we go back to Milano. Kind regards,

Very impressed with this card

Apr 08, 2014 by Beverly G

Very impressed with this card had access to trams, metro and trains was the best option for travelling around Milano. Best of all enjoyed the tram ride. Would definitely recommend.

The Milano Card was a good value for the money.

Apr 08, 2014 by Paul B

The Milano Card was a good value for the money. We used it to ride the city’s buses and subways, as well as get discounts as several museum. The only trouble was finding the card distribution booth at the Milan Central Train Station. The booth location photo provided on the website was not accurate. Make sure to ask for the Milan Tourism booth at the train station.