VeloLeo is an enjoyable 3-wheel bicycle with electric pedal assistance to tour the city centre, it offers cultural tours, with museums and monuments, and shopping tours around Milan! With the VeloLeo, the Rickshaw milano city tour, you travel protected by a barrier from the sun and rain, and in the company of a friendly man-about-town driver.

Get a FREE TOUR from Piazza Duomo to Piazza Castello. Download now the invite clicking here, don’t lose your time, there are only 2 free seats per day! No reservations is possible.




The regular rickshaw milano city tour leave from Piazza Duomo or Piazza Castello, every day 10 – 19
• 45€ 1 hour
• 80€ 2 hours
• with MilanoCard tour from 10€ or get a free invite