8 civic museums visitable with Tourist MuseumCard Milan 


Tourist MuseumCard 8 civic museums visitable with Tourist MuseumCard. With the MilanoCard (24h, 48h or 72h) you can get the “Tourist MuseumCard” which entitles to unlimited access to all the civic museums of Milan for 72 consecutive hours at 10€ instead 12€.

How can you get this promotion? Show your MilanoCard at the cash desk of any civic museum and purchase the “Tourist MuseumCard” saving 10%.

With only 10€ you can visit these civic museums of Milan:

Sforza Castle

– Museo del ‘900

– Gallery of Modern Art

– Natural History Museum

– Palazzo Morando Fashion Museum

– Archeological Museum

– Museo del Risorgimento

– Acquarium

Buy the “Tourist MuseumCard” with Milanocard and discover the civic museums of the city.

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