Official ambassadors of MilanoCard and Milan


If you need a good reason to visit Milan and use the MilanoCard you can find it here thanks to the advice of the ambassadors of MilanoCard.

See the video of the Ambassadors of MilanoCard, who are well-known and important people of Milan (counselors, public managers of tourism, museum directors, concierge, etc) and will explain in a short video why you should come and visit Milan and buy MilanoCard.

MilanoCard plays a great role in Milan tourism sector and aims to establish cooperation and synergies between key players of the tourism market in Milan. This is also why MilanoCard has received the official support of the Lombardy Region, Province of Milan, the city of Milan and became the official card of the participant Expo2015 Country Delegations.

Josep Ejarque – General Manager of Official Tourist Board of Milan Expo2015

Josep Ejarque is the General Manager of Explora, Official Tourism Board of Milan and Expo2015.

He is a very important figure in the international tourism sector. He worked for the Olimpic Games in 1992 in Spain and led the La Couruña Tourism Council in Spain and organized, as he was the General Directpr of the Official Tourism Council of Turin‘s Olimpic Games in winter 2006.
He is the best that can explain why Milan is an interesting destination before, during and after Expo2015 and why MilanoCard is a good product.

Filippo del Corno – The Executive Councilor for Cultural Affairs of the City of Milan
Filippo del Corno is the Executive Councilor for Cultural Affairs of the City of Milan. He is an important music composer and since a few months he has became Executive Councilor of the City of Milan for Cultural Affairs and has revolutionized the cultural offeri of the city, that really needed to be reformed.
Filippo del Corno is a MilanoCard ambassador because he is one of the best personalities of Milan who will explain why Milan is a cultural destination.

Massimo Fontana – CEO at Branca Tower 1933

Massimo Fontana is the general manager of the Tower Branca, the first tower that was realized in Milan in 1933 by the famous architect Gio Ponti.The Branca Tower is one of the first attractions to be included in MilanoCard in 2009 and after 5 years is still one of the best MilanoCard partners.

From the top of the tower, 100 meters above Milan, M.assimo Fontana explains you why Milan is an unexpected city and why MilanoCard is worth buying.

Giacomo Biraghi – Director of Tavoli Expo

Giacomo Biraghi is a brilliant young chef and since 2010, he has realized and manages “Tavoli Expo” of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan.
Tavoli Expo is a place where the best ideas and projects for Expo2015 and Milan meet and an opportunity to create network.
Giacomo Biraghi coined the slogan #expottimisti, that you can translate with “Expo Positive”, a state of mind, a way of life for some Milanese who believe and work for Expo2015.

Stefano Vergani – CEO Panettone Vergani 1944

Stefano Vergani family is part of the history of Milan and we are very proud to have his as official ambassador of MilanoCard. His family produce the original Panettone handmade, the sweet that is the symbol of Milan.
Thank you to the foresight and innovation of this family, Vergani today is the only company that produce the original Panettone throughout the year.
Stefano Vergani is the best personality that can explain why Milan is a city where gastronomy plays an important role.

Gianluigi Barone – CEO Rishow

Gianluigi Barone is a brilliant and courageous entrepreneur and since 2010 he is the first to have realized a city tour of Milan on a very innovative rishow. With over 20 rishow in the city it offers a chance for young people to find employment, it is the best personality to represent a group of brave entrepreneurs and pioneers in the tourism sector in Milan.
Rishow is now ready to transport, an environmentally friendly way, tourists who will arrive inMilan for Expo 2015 and want to do it with MilanoCard.

Tomaso Rodriguez – Uber Director of Operations in Italy

Uber is one of the most innovative and courageous companies in the world and Italy and is one of MilanoCard partners. Tomaso Rodriguez, Director of Operations Uber Italy, is the ambassador of MilanoCard and tells you how to become a smart city for private transport and why MilanoCard is the best way to move and live in Milan.

Graziella Grasselli – Marketing Brian & Barry Building

Graziella Grasselli works for the marketing of Brian & Barry Building, the new shopping gallery located in Piazza San Babila and is an official partner of MilanoCard.

The Building is a place where you can go shopping, but also enjoy the best of Italian cuisine in the restaurants of Eataly.

She is the best person who can tell you how to discover the best of Italian cuisine in a chic location.

Francesca Beneggi – global marketing for Boggi Milano

MilanoCard has a new official ambassador: Francesca Beneggi representing Boggi Milano since 1939, the global ambassador of the Milan men’s fashion style and today we are one of the stores Boggi in Milan.

Boggi was one of the first partners MilanoCard and it is present in more than 10 stores in the city and many more in one part of the world, is a very prestigious partner MilanoCard.

Don Alberto Rocca – Director of the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, the oldest museum in Milan.

Pinacoteca Ambrosiana holds a treasure of art and culture, it retains more 1milion books and paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, Botticelli old and much more important artists.

The Pinacoteca Ambrosiana is one of the first partners MilanoCard and today we are in the Sala Federiciana where are housed the original sketches by Leonardo da Vinci, with Don Alberto Rocca, the director of the museum, and the Ambassador of MilanoCard .