Armani Silos

Discover the Armani Silos, the museum of Giorgio Armani. Thanks to MilanoCard save 30% off on your ticket.
To celebrate the 40 years of his career, Giorgio Armani decided to open a museum about history of his collections. Armani Silos opened to public on April 30th, the day before the opening of Expo 2015.

Giorgio Armani, stylist and entrepreneur with a unique style, explains in this way the name of the building that hosts 40 years of his activity: “I have chosen the name silos because there the people stored grain, things for living. And so is the food, even the clothes need for living”.

The museum

armani silosThe building was projected by the japanese architect Tadao Ando. The museum is spread over four floors and housed a retrospective of 4 decades about the Armani’s style through 600 clothes and 200 accessories.

The selection of clothes tells the story and the aesthetics of Giorgio Armani and it is divided into themes: at the ground floor there is the section of Stars and the section dedicated at Daywear. At the first floor the section of Esotismi. At the second floor, Cromatismi. At the third and last floor the section of Luce.

The archive of Armani Silos contains about 1,000 outfits divided by seasons and collections, 2000 clothing and accessories, numerous sketches, the show and backstage video, images taken from Emporio Armani Magazine, photos of iconic advertising campaigns.

The Armani’s style

Inspired at black and white cinema and at atmospheres of America of 1920, the style of Giorgio Armani chooses clear cuts and cold colours: beige, grey and greige a color between grey and sandy, although it is mainly blue-Armani to distinguish its production. A source of inspiration for him is the oriental and arabian culture. He introduced in his creations neckbands Korean, and coats similar at djellaba put on the marcket in 1990, simultaneously with the release of The Sheltering Sky in the cinema. The Armani’s collection Armani casa it was made with fantasies inspired by Islamic architecture and porcelain Minge Qing.

WHERE: Via Bergognone 40, Milano

PRICE: 12€


OPENING HOURS: Wednesday-Sunday from 11am to 7pm 

In compliance with the legislation introduced by the Decree Law of 23 July 2021, 105, from 6 August the green pass is mandatory to have access to  the museum