Pomeriggi musicali: concerts at the theatre

Orchestra I Pomeriggi Musicali celebrates this year 70 years of history and artistic life.

concertoFrom October 2014 till May 2015 will take place the 70th Symphonic Season “I Pomeriggi Musicali” and you can attend beautiful concerts of classical and symphonic music at the theatre Teatro Dal Verme, Via San Giovanni Sul Muro, 2.

The orchestra Pomeriggi Musicali was born on 27 November 1945 and was determined to rise again from the material, moral and cultural wreckage of the past. A city that had to concentrate on deciding which war damages to repair first but in a period marked by dramatic, urgent material emergencies, culture and art were still seen as primary, non-negotiable assets. “For Milan: bread and music,” the first postwar mayor, Antonio Greppi, announced.

This involved discovery of new contemporary languages, but also patient, informed rediscovery of the 1700s, of less widely renowned repertoires and masterpieces.

I Pomeriggi Musicali, bear living witness to a formidable spirit of civic rebirth.

What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy this unique event!

All the MilanoCard holders have the reduced price on concerts of the season!

Find the calendar here:

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