Raphael's Cartoon for the 'School of Athens'

Raphael’s Cartoon for the ‘School of Athens’ -33%


Raphael’s Cartoon for the ‘School of Athens’ is hosed in Pinacoteca Ambrosiana of Milan, is now visitable, after a very hard and long restauration a great masterpiece. We are talking about the Cartoon for the “School of Athens” by Raffaello Sanzio.

This drawing is one of the most precious artworks at Ambrosiana Gallery and in Milan. It is the  renaissance largest cartoon that has survived to this day, was made by Raphael as a preparatory work for the Stanza della Segnatura in the Vatican. Was commissioned by Pope Julius II. It entered Federico Borromeo’s collection in 1626, when he purchased it from the widow of Fabio Borromeo Visconti for the massive sum of six hundred imperial lire, even though it had actually been on loan to the Ambrosiana since 1610.

On restoration for four years long, is now located on the first floor of Ambrosiana Art Gallery, in a marvelous room designed by the international famous Architect Stefano Boeri.

ADDRESS : Pinacoteca Ambrosiana – Piazza Pio XI

OPENING HOUR : Thusday-Sunday 10.00 / 18.00

TICKET : 15€