Special promo MilanoCard + Duomo Ticket

Not available from 22nd December to 2nd January

Construction of Milan’s cathedral began in 1386 and it is Italy’s largest gothic construction. While the interior is spectacular, you should also make a visit to the rooftop terraces. If you are feeling energetic, you can climb the 150 steps but there is also an elevator.

Discover the new promotion offered by MilanoCard. You can save 10% off on the Duomo Ticket if you purchase MilanoCard 48h + Duomo Ticket or MilanoCard 72h + Duomo Ticket.

Please consider, for this promotion is required 48h from purchase to send you the ticket. After you have chosen your ticket write at info@milanocard.it and we will send you your Duomo Ticket. When you arrive at Milan, you can collect your MilanoCard in one of our offices. Click here and find opening hours of our pickup point.

ATTENTION – The MilanoCard is personal and not transferable. Everyone need their own card. Children under 10 years are FREE

OFFICIAL PRICE                                                                            WITH SPECIAL PROMO                       

MilanoCard48h 13€ + Duomo stairs 9€ = 22€                           21,10€ (-10% on Duomo ticket)

MilanoCard48h 13€ + Duomo lift 13€ = 26€                              24,70€ (-10% on Duomo ticket) 

MilanoCard72h 19€ + Duomo stairs 9€ = 28€                           27,10€ (-10% on Duomo ticket) 

MilanoCard72h 19€ + Duomo lift 13€ = 32€                              30,70€ (-10% on Duomo ticket)