vareseVarese is located in the north of Italy and it’s called the Garden City. The characteristic epithet is caused by the many parks and gardens that are situated in the city.

In the city’s surrounding areas, there is a site of particular historic and artistic interest: Sacro Monte of Varese. It is a sacred street about two kilometres long, where are situated fourteen chapels that recall the rosary’s mysteries.

With MilanoCard reduced ticket for Museum Pogliaghi at Sacro Monte : entrance at House Museum Pogliaghi + transport a/r on bus line C for €5 instead of €7,60.

You will pay the amount directly at the museum.

Just show the card at the bus driver on the way to the museum and, after, the card + museum ticket to bus driver on the way back.

The offer is valid on the local bus line (line C) that leads from the city center to the Sacred Mountain (Sacro Monte).

Discover the city with the Liberty Tour, with MilanoCard you have special benefit: you will get 50% discount, equivalent of the A/R train ticket to Varese.

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Every Sunday from May the 3rd to November the 1st will be offered the service of the Varese Liberty Tour!

45min from Milan

If you visit Varese before receiving your MilanoCard, please send us a mail at and we will send you a voucher with your reservation code so you can enjoy all the benefits that MilanoCard offers you!