Quality of MilanoCard 

Satisfaction of our customers and quality of MilanoCard are our main goals and we work hard to achieve this . MilanoCard includes more than 500 service, provides by third parts, in Italy so we are conscious that some times some partner could make some errors and this fall over MilanoCard.

For this reason we have created a new important figure in our company, is the Quality Specialist (see the video on your left) and she is deputy to control the offer of our partners and the satisfactions of our customers with mystery clients, inside inspections, analyzing satisfactions questionary and talking with our past customers.

Quality Specialist of MilanoCard is at your disposal – quality@milanocard.it – for any possibile signaling by your side.

Opinion and reviews about MilanoCard

Thanks to this great job 82% of our customers area already satisfied about MilanoCard and you can see and listen real video reviews about MilanoCard clicking here.

Enjoy Milan, enjoy quality of MilanoCard

quality of milanocard


quality of milanocard quality of milanocardquality of milanocard