Terms & Condition

1. Owner of the web site

The internet web site www.milanocard.it (renamed Site) is in used to Imprese Falcon srl (renamed Falcon) based in Milano, piazza Cavour 3 ( P. IVA 07498750962, REA 1920233) and is finalized to the sale and reservation of tourist services.

2. Applicable law

The sale and purhcase of products by internet is regulated by the italian laws, Decreto Legislativo 6 september 2005 n. 206 about the sales by internet and the Decreto Legislativo 9 april 2003 n. 70 about the eletronic trade.

3. Governing the purchase of goods through the site

These Terms of Sale, are whole part of the purchase agreement concluded between the user of the Site (hereinafter the “Customer”) and Falcon. Falcon calls, therefore, to carefully read these terms, and in print, however, to keep copies of them, in electronic form. Terms and conditions are not valid for the product “MilanoCard MAXI” that is operated by Zani Viaggi srl and just distributed by Imprese Falcon srl. 

4. Conclusion of the contract

4.1. The publication of the exposed services on the Site constitutes the details of the invitation to submit the proposal to the customer. At a time when the customer proceeds to the order and the simultaneous payment of the required services, acknowledge and fully accept the “Conditions of Sale”, the “Privacy” and “Legal Disclaimer”. Once paid, the customer will receive an automatically generated email from Falcon’s Bank through which Falcon declares to have received the payment.

4.2. Any errors of publication after sending the confirmatione email, if the responsibility for this mistake is objectively attributable to Falcon, the purchase will be refunded totally , if it refused to change their purchase. No other possibility or refund is admitted.

4.3. The purchase contract is concluded when Falcon’s Bank send confirmation e-mail . If Falcon is unable to accept the customer’s order, he will express the same communication.

5. Customer’s obligations

The purchase of services is reserved to persons of legal age or that have the capacity to act. Falcon disclaims any liability in the event that persons unable to act in violation of this rule. The purchase of services on the Site requires the contribution by the customer, the data required for operating activities and enable the delivery of goods. To this end, the customer agrees to communicate information accurate, current and truthful information relating to personal data, personal delivery and, in general, to other information useful to the order (for this issue, see section 4.1 of this contract .) purchases must be made as an upper limit, 24 hours before activation required for goods to be delivered at the airports of Milan and with a margin of 30 days preceding the goods to be sent nationwide or international. If these terms are not respected, Falcon will cancel the order without issuing refunds to the customer. The customer agrees to pay the price of the goods purchased with order.

6. Consideration of the purchased goods and payment

The service of this website may be different in nature and price than those offered for sale from online retailers and offline Falcon (for retailers online means physical outlets in Milan). All prices are in Euro. Beyond the price of the shipping cost (2 € per order).

The customer can arrange for payment of amounts due: – Using all the online systems provided by the Banks and choices available from Falcon (no extra charge);

7. Shipping and delivery

Falcon ensures that can make the shipment of goods purchased by the customer at the pickup locations in Milan.

Falcon is not responsible for any delay or failure to deliver the goods occurred during the transport service operated by delivery partner.
By the time the customer receives the goods ordered and opened the packaging becomes responsible for the content. Therefore, any claims for goods received will be considered incomplete by Falcon and if, at the discretion of Falcon, no errors found to the time of packing, or there was no possibility of feedback of customer statements, the complaint will be automatically rejected . Where however, actual results indicating Falcon errors during packaging, it will send at their own expense and where the customer wants, the missing goods.

Falcon ensures compliance with quality standards for our services, and only until the time of delivery at the pickup location user or at the post office if the goods are to be sent.

In the event that the goods purchased were to return to Falcon to the absence of the recipient or not collected by the customer, Falcon consider itself empowered to terminate the contract of sale and return discretion to not more than 20% of the cost of the item excluding the costs of shipment..

8. Cancellation policy

It’s not possibile to cancel a payment or reservation once make the payment.

9. Complaints

Any complaint in respect of goods purchased through the site should be directed via e-mail (quality@milanocard.it) or via postal mail to the attention of:

imprese falcon srl
Piazza Cavour 3
20121 – Milan (MI)

10. Force majeure

Falcon will not be responsible for the delay in the contract governed by these general conditions of sale if the delay is caused by circumstances beyond their reasonable control. The part in delay due to force majeure will be entitled to an extension of time necessary to fulfill such obligations.

11. Trademark property

I marchi, gli altri segni distintivi, nonché gli altri diritti di proprietà industriale in relazione ai prodotti e servizi presenti nelle pagine del Sito appartengono a Falcon ovvero a terzi produttori dei beni posti in vendita da Falcon, mediante il Sito.
E’ fatto divieto dell’uso del marchio “MilanoCard” di cui alla domanda di deposito presso la Camera di Commercio di Milano in data <25 settembre 2009 > nr. < MI20090009309 >,, degli altri segni distintivi, nonché degli altri diritti di proprietà industriale di Falcon e di terzi, inclusa la riproduzione su altri siti Internet da parte di soggetti non autorizzati.

12. Privacy and Legal Disclaimer

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Click here for Legal Disclaimer

13. Legge applicabile e Foro competente

Il contratto di vendita tra Falcon ed il Cliente sarà disciplinato ed interpretato in conformità della Legge italiana. Per la soluzione di controversie civili derivanti dalla conclusione del presente contratto di vendita a distanza la competenza territoriale è esclusivamente quella del Foro di Milano.

Last update – 26 Luglio 2016