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MilanoCard is not just a service, it is a Tourist Card that transforms its customers into real citizens for a few days.

MilanoCard believes in sustainable tourism, where the city visited is more than just a destination: it is a place to be lived and experienced by tourists, that become real citizens. To do so, we designed a tourist offer that gives tourists the opportunity to live like a local, by using the city services like milanese people do and discovering places and spots where they like to spend their time.
This vision cannot ignore the responsibility that citizens have towards their city, and therefore that also tourists that want to live like a local must have. Because of this, MilanoCard has decided to devolve parts of its revenues to a social initiave, that aims at improving the health, safety and beauty of Milan. 



In 2023, MilanoCard has decided to support FORESTAMI, a project that involves the planting of 3 million trees by 2030, in order to clean the air, improve living conditions in the wider area of the city of Milan, and counter the effects of climate change. MilanoCard will support this project by donating the amount necessary to plant a tree every month, for the whole year. It has decided to do so, wanting for its customers to contribute, with their visit, to plant a seed that will grow and stay in Milan. In this way, their trip to Milan will be like a bud, growing in their soul. 

Then.. thank you for your support! With your purchase of MilanoCard you are contributing to plant new trees in Milan!

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