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Explore the cultural attractions of Milan with Museo City

Milan, the dynamic hub of art and culture, invites you to immerse yourself in its vibrant cultural scene during the eighth edition of Museo City, from March 1st to March 5th. If yuo're looking for things to do in Milan in March, this is one of the top event in Milan.

This Milanese event offers a unique opportunity to discover public and private Milan museums, artists' archives, house and corporate museums and art foundations.
This year, the annual celebration brings together 109 participants under the theme "Mondi a Milano" (Worlds in Milan). This theme pays homage to one of the city's most distinctive features: its ability to embrace diverse cultural influences and interconnect them to create a unique cultural tapestry. So, what can you visit during this weekend? Let’s check it! 

The heart of MuseoCity lies in its 109 cultural spaces, offering dedicated events spanning art, fashion, design, archaeology, and more. Many of these spaces, such as foundations, archives, and artist studios, are typically not accessible to the public. The event promises surprises, including the exhibition of a Chinese typewriter with 3600 ideograms at the Museo della Macchina da scrivere and the fascinating Museo dei Vigili del Fuoco (Firefighters Museum).

In this year's programme we find two special projects: “Musei in Galleria” and “Musei in Vetrina”.

"Musei in Galleria" aims to foster cultural exchange by reinforcing the concept of a distributed museum, a foundational value of MuseoCity. Nine art galleries will host works or projects from as many museums and archives in the MuseoCity network.
On the other hand, "Musei in Vetrina" showcases Milan's creativity and the close relationship between art and industry. The shop windows of eleven iconic Made in Italy brands, including Alessi, Artemide, Kartell and Lavazza, will feature customized installations telling the stories of their corporate cultures. 

The "Museo Segreto" section, a perennial highlight of MuseoCity, continues to captivate attendees. This section unveils 63 unpublished or innovatively presented works, placing a special emphasis on engaging children through workshops. Here, young participants can express and interpret their unique perspectives on art starting from the works selected for Museo Segreto. Check the complete programme and more information at the official website.

MuseoCity 2024 promises to be a cultural journey through Milan's diverse offerings, bringing forth hidden gems, artistic collaborations, and the essence of the city's rich cultural heritage. As the event unfolds, visitors can expect to be immersed in a world of creativity, diversity, and the unique spirit that defines Milan as a true "Museum City." 

Moving from one to one museums in Milan, you can make a great walking tours with the free guide included in MILAN CITY PASS. Make your exploration even more convenient by utilizing Milan's efficient public transport system. With MilanoCard hop on buses, trams, and the metro to effortlessly navigate the city and reach the cultural wonders showcased at Museo City 2024. 


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