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Best places to have lunch in Milan - Where to eat

Risotto alla milanese eat in Milan

If a good restaurant in Milan is not hard to find, eating authentic Milanese cuisine, or discovering where local people like to have their lunch, is a completely different story. If you are in Milan for a few days, or even a few hours, don’t waste your time dodging tourist traps around the Duomo: find a place where to eat a good meal, every bit as important as the famous attractions and the world-beating shopping. Anyone with a growling stomach should indeed indulge in some of Milan’s best lunches: places where to try the real panini, enjoy fresh handmade pasta, discover traditional Milanese dishes and much more.

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Pizza eat in milan

And if deciding where to eat is not easy, selecting what to eat might be even harder. The must-try if you are visiting Milan for a couple of days are risotto and cotoletta alla Milanese. The first one is a creamy and buttery risotto made with saffron, whilst the second one is a tender veal cutlet coated in crunchy breadcrumbs fried in butter. But if you are looking for a lighter lunch break, something quick to eat in between your visits to Milan top attractions, many are the places where you will be able to enjoy a good pizza, or paninis that are real “express delicacies” prepared on the spot using only the freshest, premium-quality ingredients.

Once you have the insider’s guide, take your pick between Milanese people favorite lunch spots and.. enjoy your meal!

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