F.A.Q. MilanoCard

  • VALIDATION TIME - For how long are MilanoCard and its services available?

    MilanoCard includes several services and especially free admission to every kind of Milan public transports in Milan. MilanoCard 1 day includes 24h of free access to the public transport from the first use to the same hour of the next day (for example: first use 11.00am Friday->expiration 11.00am Saturday) . MilanoCard 2 days have 48h of free Milan public transport from first validation to the same hour of the third day (for example: first use 11.00am Friday – expiration 11.00 am Sunday). MilanoCard 3 days includes 3 days of free MIlan public transport from first validation (for example: first use Monday 09.am> expiration time is midnight Wednesday). The time of use starts from the first stamp on public transport.

  • TRANSPORT - Which transports are included in the MilanoCard?

    Every kind of public transport in Milan Urban Area is included in MilanoCard. Tram, Buses, Metro/underground and city Trains “Passante” are included. MilanoCard includes also the Linate X73 Bus which connects Milan to Linate Airport.

    Please remember to validate your travel card every time that you use a transport in the city. The regional trains out of Milan are not included.

  • CONFIRMATION EMAIL - Where can I set the info about my arrival?

    After the payment you will be redirected to a confirmation form, where you will be able to set your arrival date, time and preferred pick-up point.

    If you have already done the payment but you don’t find the confirmation page, don’t worry. Every 30 minutes (for 2 times) our booking center resends an e-mail with a link where you can put all the info about your arrival. Please fill out the form that you will find at the link and your order will be complete! 

    If you don’t receive / find the e-mail with the confirmation link, you can write us at info@milanocard.it and we will confirm your MIlanoCard for you. You will need to tell us your arrival date, time and preferred pick-up point.

  • MILANOCARD APP - How does it work?

    Download MilanoCard APP for free.

    After the payment you will receive a confirmation email with details about your BOOKING ID.

    • Open MilanoCard APP
    • Click on “Activate your card”
    • Click on “Online”
    • Insert your booking ID and the mail you used for the payment
    • Click on “Start”

     MilanoCard starts from the date you choose during confirmation.

    Attention: If the APP doesn’t activate on your smartphone, please don’t worry. You will still be able to benefit of all services included in the MIlanoCard by showing your MilanoCard booking ID / confirmation email

  • TRANSPORT - How can I travel with public and private transports in Milan?

    Public transport

    MilanoCard is personal and not transferable, it is valid on every public transport in Milan Urban Area (metro, tram, bus, city train) from the first validation – at the machines that are located at the entrance of the metro or on the trams and buses – to the end of the service of the third day, for the 3days MilanoCard, and from the first validation for 24h for MilanoCard 24h, and from the first validation for 48h for MilanoCard 48h.

    Milan public transports are available from 05.00 am to midnight but this is an average, it depends on the line. Metro lines work from 06.00 am to midnight, some buses go around also after midnight.

    At your arrival, remember to collect the travel card, included in your MilanoCard, at the pickup point you selected during the confirmation procedure. Pick-up points are: Zani Viaggi Visitor Center at Milan Central station or Zani Viaggi Visitor Center at Cairoli square 18. Find more information about the pick-up points (i.e. opening times, exact location etc.) here >


    Please consider that with MilanoCard you have also 5 € discounted ride with Wetaxi, making reservation with WETAXI APP and using the promo code that you will find into the MilanoCard APP or ask at info@milanocard.it.


    Once purchased is not possible to cancel or change details of your reservation. No refund will be approved.


    The photos on milanocard.it were largely taken from the Internet, and therefore evaluated in the public domain. If the subjects or authors have something against the publication, they will only have to report it to the editorial staff – e-mail address info@milanocard.it, which will promptly remove the images used.

    Le foto presenti su milanocard.it sono state in larga parte prese da Internet,e quindi valutate di pubblico dominio. Se i soggetti o gli autori avessero qualcosa in contrario alla pubblicazione, non avranno che da segnalarlo alla redazione – indirizzo e-mail info@milanocard.it, che provvederà prontamente alla rimozione delle immagini utilizzate.

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