Milan Duomo Cathedral - Ticket and information for your visit

Milan Duomo Cathedral - Ticket and information for your visit

Milan Duomo Cathedral is the symbol of the city, rich in history and anecdotes. It is considered to be one of the greatest and most fascinating churches worldwide, and for importance the third Catholic one after St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and the Cathedral of Seville. With its unique architectural structure, that fuses the international Gothic style with the traditional Lombard architecture, it is a monument that you cannot miss if you visit Milan. It is also possible to climb Milan Duomo Cathedral rooftop to admire a spectacular view of the city, but also to have a rare close-up view of many of the statues, pinnacles, spires, gargoyles, and flying buttresses that adorn the largest Gothic building in Italy.  Depending on the time of your stay, you can decide whether to visit Milan Duomo Cathedral in its entirety (with a cumulative ticket), or to access only some sections.

Here all the types of tickets available for visiting Milan Duomo Cathedral:

DUOMO PASS BY LIFT – includes access to the terraces with the elevator: the most complete of all tickets, that grants you access to all parts of the Cathedral, namely the church, the archaeological area, the terraces (with the lift), the Cathedral museum, the Church of San Gottardo and the exhibitions (if any)

DUOMO PASS BY STAIRS – includes walking up to the terraces (no access to the elevator): like the previous one, it includes all parts of the Cathedral, but you will have to walk up to the terraces

CULTURE PASS – it includes visit to the Cathedral, the archaeological area, the Cathedral museum, the Church of San Gottardo and exhibitions (if any)




DUOMO CATHEDRAL MUSEUM – in addition to the Cathedral museum, it includes access to the Church of San Gottardo and exhibitions (if any)


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To access the Cathedral, in addition to wearing appropriate clothing, you will have to get your backpacks and bags checked through the metal detector.  Once passed the inspections, you will be able to visit Milano Duomo Cathedral independently, by accessing the central and the right naves (the left one is reserved to the observants). From inside the Cathedral, you will be able to access the archaeological area, where it is possible to admire what remains of the ancient Baptistery of San Giovanni alle Fonti, commissioned by S. Ambrogio, bishop and patron of the city, and formerly linked to the two Cathedrals that preceded the construction of the actual one. If you have bought a Duomo pass, it includes also the rooftop terrace, where a myriad of gargoyles, statues, spires, and other stone carvings are located. Finally, if you have decided to take a complete tour, you will have access to the Cathedral Museum, where you will have the opportunity to admire several works from the Cathedral itself, and to the Church of San Gottardo, a jewel that dates back to the 14th century, where we advise you not to miss the precious frescoes and the bell tower.


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